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Creepypasta x Demon dog!Reader part 2
~~(y/n)'s view~~
 You looked at the man who picked up your 'home' that you are hiding in, but you coulden't see his face sense his head was blocking the lights from the streat. All you could see of him was his eyes that held no color in them. You then took all of your confadence and slightly took a step out of the corner, and put on your bravest face you had at the moment to intimidate him which wasn't a really good one at all. You heard the man snickered at your sad exuce of warning him to back off. Suddenly he pulled you out of your box with only one of his hands. " Wow your like a walking selitin." The man said now with a brighter view of you. You again looked at him to see that he had a normal teenager outfit that was a white hoody with jeans, but his skin was a almost glowing white and he had a smile cut on his face. The last thing you noticed was that his clothes were covered in blood and that he had a knife in his other hand. Once looking at those two thing
:iconthederpyninja:TheDerpyNinja 194 80
Creepypasta X Demon dog!Reader
(( This is going to be my first creepypasta fanatic so ya... I'm going to continue this and I'm sorry if characters end up Occ or is grammar/punctuation is wrong. I would be happy to get feed back on what you peeps thought of this!))
 map= (f/c): fur color (e/c): eye color (y/n): your name (c/n): city name (c/c): color collar
~~third person view~~
 You hated your self so much. You were given the name (y/n) by your first owner how had a 'unfortunate' death. But lets not talk about that right now, and instead talk about why you despise your self so much. Well it's because you look, act, sound, and smell (yes smell) like a normal dog but not normal at all. When you are attacked or angry you transform into your demon form, and in that form you can't tell foe from friend killing every thing around you. In your 'normal' form you look like a cute little (c/f) Labrador Retriever puppy with so
:iconthederpyninja:TheDerpyNinja 178 9
Masky x M!Reader x Jeff Chapter 5
Several days have passed since my sister was murderered. The police are fucking pathetic. All they did was look around, take some samples, and told me to contact them if I 'remember' anything. Those bastards think I did it..... Guess it's good that they aren't keeping me in holding. 
I rarely slept anymore cause of my nightmares. Sometimes it's just darkness filled with screaming and the scent of blood while others will have the tall monsters. The most recent one had my sister in the kitchen in the same shape she was in when she was killed. However, she was sobbing so hard her shoulders shook and in between the sobs she'd whisper: 'I'm so sorry.....', 'Never told you.....', 'Forgive me......'
My shoulders shook with rage as I thought about her. I glared at the wrist band on my nightstand and felt so much hatred for Luke it scared me. Never..... Never have I felt like this.... Sometimes I feel like I should've told the cops about it, but then I remember my sister's corpse and my th
:iconwarrior-shampoo72:warrior-shampoo72 67 6
Masky x M!Reader x Jeff Chapter 4
AN: What's up bros? There is some slight gore but I was lazy and didn't put any thought into it so this will be my warning. It isn't really gorey and I warned soooooooo don't bitch at me. 
"Let me go back to school," I whined. Holy shit I can't believe I just said that. (S/n) glared at me while she gave me some more Motrin. "Not until your head stops hurting." "I toooold you it doesn't hurt! There's just.... So many voices I get overwhelmed....." She only rolled her eyes and left my room.
Hey I don't blame her for not believing me but..... I just want some compassion. My friends joked that I could here the voices of the dead. Lily specifically stated my brain finally broke. Dicks. Anyways I haven't been allowed back at school so I am now an inmate in my own fucking house. Sometimes I really hate (s/n).
Oh and to add to my problems I've been hearing the buzzing sound really often now and if I check fast enough I can see a tall figure in
:iconwarrior-shampoo72:warrior-shampoo72 76 13
Masky x M!Reader x Jeff Chapter 3
Where.... Am I?
I looked around the room I appeared in. Then it hit me. This was our living room before my sister remodeled the place. Hm I almost forgot about it. At that moment, voices reached my ears so naturally I followed them. My quest led me to the backyard to where a small boy with (h/c) ran around squealing, being chased by a young woman in her twenties.
"I'm gonna get you!" 
My mouth dropped open as I realized that it was my sister and I playing. She never played with me like this though! I watched in awe as the little me ran out the wooden gate and into the woods.
"Daddy save meeeeee!"
...... Daddy? But I never knew my father. Soft chuckling came from trees as a dark figure loomed over the mini me. I felt fear claw it's way into me, but little me grinned and clung to it's leg. Soon three more figures joined it and that's when it hit me: these things were fucking tall, unnaturally thin, and all but one had no face! Alright one had glasses despite not having eyes a
:iconwarrior-shampoo72:warrior-shampoo72 82 14
Masky x M!Reader x Jeff Chapter 2
"Come on (y/n) please try it on!"
"No! Begone she-devil!" 
I stared in horror at Lily as she slowly stepped towards me, pure anger on her face. Shiiiiiiiit. Now you're probably wondering what happened. When we reached my house she asked if she could come in. Naturally I said 'yes' and we were on our merry way. As soon as we entered we were greeted by my sister who was delighted to see Lily. 
My sister and I look exactly alike and I do mean exactly. I never knew my parents so she's my only family. I thought there'd be pictures but the only pictures are of me and my sister. Our coffee table has a bunch of framed photos of the two of us, but the biggest is one of me when I was about 5.
After my sister's greeting we went up to my room where all hell broke loose. At first, Lily was comp
:iconwarrior-shampoo72:warrior-shampoo72 74 5
Masky x M!Reader x Jeff Chapter 1
(y/n)'s POV
Just keep your head down, (y/n). Making eye contact with those beasts is like a challenge. You'll only get hurt.

I let out a soft sigh as I made my way through the halls. "Hey faggot!" I flinched and silently cursed every deity that ever existed. Why me? What have I ever done to deserve this?

Slowly, I turned around to see my three biggest bullies closing in on me. Yeah most people would have kept going but..... That only makes it worse. Besides there are teachers around who keep an eye out for me. "......... What do you want, Luke?" I asked softly, trying to keep the bite out of my voice. No need to provoke a beating if there's a chance it won't happen.
Luke is a handsome guy with dark brown hair and green eyes. His skin is tanned due to his mixed parentage and he stands at the respectable height of 5'11. He always dresses nice and is quite popular with everyone. He used to be really nice to me. Hell I'd even say he was my best friend! That went down
:iconwarrior-shampoo72:warrior-shampoo72 99 13
Futuristic City :iconjjasso:JJasso 5,553 375 Rising Phoenix Candle Holder :iconillustrisdesigns:illustrisdesigns 171 49 COMM || Andromeda :iconehrendi:Ehrendi 70 18
Monsters Below - Chapter X
Chapter 10
  Meanwhile, in the BLU Base…
  BLU Scout threw a baseball against the wall, the beat steady and loud. The only other noises were the scratching of the Engineer's pencil as he sketched his new plans and the Soldier's footsteps as he paced around the room. "This is pure Bullsh*t!" Scout finally shouted, still bouncing the ball. "How long has it been since our last match? F**king ceasefire…"
  "It's only been four days kid." Engineer replied, also still focused on what he was doing. "You're more impatient than a bucking bronco."
  "Well, duh! The Administrator is too much of a bitch to allow a ceasefire this long, so something must be up." The younger huffed moodily. "Maybe their Pyro's a chick too and got pregnant or something…"
  "That's mighty disrespectful! I better not hear you say anything like that again." The Texan slammed his pencil down and turned to face Scout. "Do you think it's okay to ma
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