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Sadao Maou X Male Reader 2
D/T= Demon Type
D/P= Demon Powers
Chapter Two: Old Partners
(Y/N) looked at Satan, he had calmed down some, but he wasn't exactly happy. He looked at the name tag on his red shirt, which read 'Maou', it was a strange human name. Maou, who was  more than dumbfounded, looked at the other male in surprise. He certainly hadn't expected to see him here, ever.
"(Y/N), what are you doing here?" Maou asked. "Nice to see you too, Maou." (Y/N) said, trying out the fake name, it felt wrong. "How did you find me?" Maou continued. "I happened to run into Lu-"
"Do you all have fake names?"
"What's the hold up?" Someone in line complained. (Y/N) walked away from the counter and to the side, waiting. He waited for about twenty minutes before Maou went on break and steered him towards a table far from everyone else. The two sat across from each other, (Y/N) spoke first.
"Serving the humans? Really?" He said, disgust evident in his voice. "Quite honestly it's not that bad, I'
:iconclearrivers2-1-3:clearrivers2-1-3 44 8
Sadao Maou X Male Reader 1
Chapter One: Welcome To MgRonalds, May I Take Your Order?
"Agh, this is pointless. I've searched all night and I haven't been able to find any trace of Satan. "Maybe I was sent to the wrong place?" (Y/N) sighed as he continued to walk the streets of wherever he was in Japan. He'd finally taken up the language and could now speak it and understand it, but it didn't get him very far. He couldn't just go up to someone and ask, "Have you seen the lord Satan anywhere?"
"Not to mention my stomach keeps making this weird rumbling noise, and it won't stop!" He continued speaking to himself. As if on cue, his stomach growled again, earning a groan from the young demon. "Stop that!" He yelled, causing several people to look at him. He cursed under his breath in Ente Islan.
(Y/N) didn't like anything about the mortal world, he was only here for one reason, and he was no where close to accomplishing his goal. And that was to find Satan and bring him back to Ente Isla, and Alciel and Lucifer in the
:iconclearrivers2-1-3:clearrivers2-1-3 49 3
Chimera (Edward Elric x Male!Reader) -REQUEST-
Edward grit his teeth, trying to block out the sound of feminine laughter coming somewhere from his left. If he hadn't been waiting on the steps to headquarters for Alphonse, he would have high-tailed it outta there the minute (Male Name) and those annoying girls that followed him showed up.
The Dragon Alchemist, otherwise known as (Male Name), was Ed's worst enemy. Okay, maybe not to the extreme. They did both work for the military, after all. But that didn't stop Ed from hating the older, (h/c)-haired male that seemed to have life handed to him on a silver platter. (Male Name) was Roy Mustang's younger half-brother by six years, and the personal alchemist of the Führer, so he was gone from headquarters a lot on secret missions. When he finally found time in his busy schedule to come back to Central, he'd always have at least two women hanging off of him, and he was very full of himself, in Ed's opinion.
(Male Name)'s specialty was to create tiny, non-living dragons out of the el
:iconshadowsbyday:ShadowsByDay 290 48
Roy Mustang X Male!Armour!Reader ~ Wait for You
“_____!” You turned at the sound of your name being shouted from somewhere behind you, the armour that made up your body clinking as you did so. You turned to see the small blonde alchemist, the very same one who had promised you he would help you get your body back just as soon as he fixed himself and his brother, running towards you across the park just as fast as his short little legs would carry him. You turned to face him fully, blades of grass being crushed under your feet as you moved. Had he done it? No, that couldn’t be it. He was running in ... fear? “_____, you’ve gotta help me!” He begged as he reached you, grabbing your metal arm and looking at you with pleading amber eyes. “The colonel called me short this morning, so I just got my revenge, but now he’s gonna kill me and you’ve gotta hide me please!”
You would have blinked at the absurdity of the situation if you could have, but Edward didn’t give you much
:iconcrimson-ward:Crimson-Ward 200 35
Rin Okumura x Mystic! Male! Reader Ch. Six
Before I knew it, I was standing back in my old room, the one that I had been kidnapped to, the one that Angel basically raised me in. The walls were all white, much like I remembered. What I didn’t quite remember from my childhood were the bars on the one small window, or the lock on the outside on the door. I was just about to step out of the room when I bumped into someone standing behind me.
I turned somewhat quickly, expecting to come face to face with an angry old priest. But, luckily, it was Angel. “Was my room always a prison cell?” I asked him quietly.
“No,” he murmured. “Demons are attracted to this room for some reason and the locks and bars in the windows are to keep them in so that we can exorcise them.”
“That’s not very nice,” I complained quietly. “They probably just want me and you guys are killing them for it?”
“That’s what we do,” he told me with a raised brow, “we’re
:iconthanatos-mors:Thanatos-Mors 85 14
Cover for Rue Day by Reptangle Cover for Rue Day :iconreptangle:Reptangle 215 47
Rin Okumura x Mystic! Male! Reader Chapter Five
    Ultimately, I think I should blame Amaimon for this. If he wasn’t such a mischievous little prick, then I wouldn’t have to chase him down in the forest, trying to find him before he found trouble for himself and whatever unfortunate creature he had named as his victim. And if I didn’t have to chase him, I also wouldn’t have tripped on that root, or stubbed my precious big toe on that huge ass rock. I could hear the trees around me sort of lean away in fear of my frustration as I raced through this huge forest in search of that rotten, stupid demon.
    I thought I was going in the right direction, but from the huge burst of blue flames coming from somewhere behind me, I knew I was wrong. I turned quickly and watched in horror as that familiar blue flame began to consume the entire forest that I was currently in the heart of.
    For a moment or two I just stood there, watching those beautiful flames rise up and probably consume
:iconthanatos-mors:Thanatos-Mors 149 37


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