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Ninetales by kyofu16 Ninetales :iconkyofu16:kyofu16 0 0 Shi and I by kyofu16 Shi and I :iconkyofu16:kyofu16 0 0 Aml 0032 by kyofu16 Aml 0032 :iconkyofu16:kyofu16 3 3 Aml Sum Best 75 0980 by kyofu16 Aml Sum Best 75 0980 :iconkyofu16:kyofu16 4 0 Original To Arasaka 0099 by kyofu16 Original To Arasaka 0099 :iconkyofu16:kyofu16 3 0 Me and my buddy in Pokmon GO. by kyofu16 Me and my buddy in Pokmon GO. :iconkyofu16:kyofu16 0 0 To Arasaka 0099 by kyofu16 To Arasaka 0099 :iconkyofu16:kyofu16 3 1 Aml Hockney2 by kyofu16 Aml Hockney2 :iconkyofu16:kyofu16 0 0 Aml 1068 by kyofu16 Aml 1068 :iconkyofu16:kyofu16 2 0 Aml Bw 14 1068 by kyofu16 Aml Bw 14 1068 :iconkyofu16:kyofu16 3 0 Aml Bw 8 0041 by kyofu16 Aml Bw 8 0041 :iconkyofu16:kyofu16 1 0 Aml Bw 6 0030 by kyofu16 Aml Bw 6 0030 :iconkyofu16:kyofu16 2 0 Aml Bw 2 0062 by kyofu16 Aml Bw 2 0062 :iconkyofu16:kyofu16 1 0 Aml Bw 2 0062 by kyofu16 Aml Bw 2 0062 :iconkyofu16:kyofu16 1 0 Aml Bw 1 0033 by kyofu16 Aml Bw 1 0033 :iconkyofu16:kyofu16 2 0 Aml 0053 by kyofu16 Aml 0053 :iconkyofu16:kyofu16 1 0


mchanzo sketch dump by SilverFangedWolf mchanzo sketch dump :iconsilverfangedwolf:SilverFangedWolf 51 3 Okami by WhCardinal Okami :iconwhcardinal:WhCardinal 90 4 Fullbody 03051710 by SoleilRune Fullbody 03051710 :iconsoleilrune:SoleilRune 41 1 Thighup 0305178 by SoleilRune Thighup 0305178 :iconsoleilrune:SoleilRune 75 0 Thighup 0305177 by SoleilRune Thighup 0305177 :iconsoleilrune:SoleilRune 53 0 Thighup 0305172 by SoleilRune Thighup 0305172 :iconsoleilrune:SoleilRune 70 0 Thighup 0305176 by SoleilRune Thighup 0305176 :iconsoleilrune:SoleilRune 75 0 Thighup 0305174 by SoleilRune Thighup 0305174 :iconsoleilrune:SoleilRune 77 0 Thighup 0404177 by SoleilRune Thighup 0404177 :iconsoleilrune:SoleilRune 197 2 Thighup 0404179 by SoleilRune Thighup 0404179 :iconsoleilrune:SoleilRune 195 0 Star Wars by muratgul Star Wars :iconmuratgul:muratgul 1,880 119 Star Wars: Princess Leia by daekazu Star Wars: Princess Leia :icondaekazu:daekazu 7,503 363
Masky x M!Reader x Jeff Chapter 12
"Maskyyyyyyyyyyy," I whined while wrapping my arms around his neck. His body tensed before slowly relaxing. "Yes (y/n)?" I pouted at him before pulling him onto the couch which made him tense again. "I'm bored and lonely!" He chuckled softly before gently prying himself away from me. "I'm sorry I can't help you with that, (y/n). Hoodie and Toby are waiting for me outside."
I huffed and glowered at him while he exited the mansion. Well there goes my source of entertainment! Another whine left me which caught E.J.'s attention as he was walking towards the kitchen. "Something wrong?" "Masky left for a mission and took Toby and Hoodie so now I can't enjoy teasing them," I whined with a pout.
E.J's soft chuckle made me stick my tongue out at him. Yeah I know I was acting like a little kid but I didn't really give a damn! "(Y/n) there are plenty of people you can tease here. Like Jeff and BEN." I worried my bottom lip as I contemplated what he said. BEN was always fun to tease but we were on
:iconwarrior-shampoo72:warrior-shampoo72 83 16
Masky x M!Reader x Jeff Chapter 11
A few days passed after the game we played and Jeff was avoiding me like the plague. He was even moodier than he usually was and if he even caught sight of Masky he'd glare and pick a fight. Sometimes he even did this to BEN but it didn't happen often. On the other hand, Masky has been with me more than he used to and seemed to make a point of keeping me away from Jeff the few times the crazy bastard wanted to talk with me.
To add to my problems an odd urge had started to build up. I can't even explain what it is.... Sometimes I'll just look at a creepypasta and wonder what their screams would sound like when I tore flesh from their bones. After some begging, Kuro informed me that I just needed to kill. Yeah like I'll do that. I only killed Luke because he killed my sister... um.... Mother. "And I still need to tell dad," I whispered as I made my way to my old house. Ever since Luke's body was found and I went missing people avoided the house like a monster lurked there. So naturally i
:iconwarrior-shampoo72:warrior-shampoo72 59 6
Masky x M!Reader x Jeff Chapter 10
"Osama?" BEN asked.
"Yup it's like truth or dare but we use sticks! One stick has a red mark and that's the king stick. Everyone else gets a random numbered stick and then we play! Get some people and I'll show you!"
BEN shrugged and walked off to find people while I got some Popsicle sticks out; numbering them but only putting a red mark on one. It's been almost a month since I started living at the creepypasta mansion and somehow I've been able to keep my mom's death a secret from my dad.
Ten minutes passed and BEN returned with Jeff, Masky, Hoodie, Toby, E.J., L.J., Lost Silver, and to my surprise Jane. Perfect. I smirked and had everyone pick a random Popsicle stick while I kept the red marked one for me. "To begin I will be 'king' so you can see how the game is played," I said happily.
"Alright we have nine soooooo Hm....... Numbers 2 and 7 switch underwear." I watched relief pass over some of their faces but Jeff and Jane however...... I started cracking up once they realized I s
:iconwarrior-shampoo72:warrior-shampoo72 64 8
Masky x M!Reader x Jeff Chapter 9
As soon as I was sure Damian wasn't going to scream I chased Jeff out of his bedroom by pushing him out the window. "I'll meet you guys back at the mansion," I told him when he glared up at me before going back to Damian. He was pulling out the knife still stuck in his shoulder with a grimace on his face.
"God damn it Damian!"
I sighed as I flopped on Damian couch while he was bandaging his shoulder. Thank god his parents aren't home and that he was used to taking care of himself. Before he was adopted he grew up in an abusive house and from what he's told me, a stab wound doesn't even come close to what he used to deal with.
"So I guess I owe you a thank you."
I looked over at Damian who had a smirk on his face. He sat next to me and turned the t.v. on to show that he recently left off on watching a horror movie. "Damn right you owe me a thank you," I grumbled. He let out a soft chuckle before smiling. "By the way your eye looks bitching. Bet you could get a lo
:iconwarrior-shampoo72:warrior-shampoo72 67 3


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